Renaldo’s – Ayr

This landmark shop has been at the top of the Sandgate since the 1920’s, then known as the Wellington Cafe. It has been passed through generations of Italians for decades and now is owned by husband and wife team, Linda and Silvio Galli. For 30 years, they have worked hard, transforming the original shop into the favourite and ‘weel kent’ shop that is today, loved by locals and tourists alike.

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Installed at Renaldos

For 2019 Renaldo’s will be parting with their two 25 year old Edoni Balmore plus one Machines making way for two new Balmore freezers to be installed in their font shop. We believe that our hand crafting approach to building is the main reason Renaldo’s were and still are able to produce large quantities of high quality ice cream every day of the week for 25 years using the same machines. Updating their machines will ensure the next generation of the Galli family can carry on producing their premium vanilla ice cream the old fashioned way.

What they say

For more than 30 years we dealt only with this wonderful company for our Ice cream machinery! We have 2 boilers, one 50 gallon and one 25 gallon, a horizontal batch freezer for making flavours and 2 vertical batch freezers for making the best old fashioned vanilla Ice cream for miles around! And we are in the process of buying an extra horizontal batch and renewing our verticals.

We know that these are the Rolls Royce of all machinery and wouldn’t consider any other company.  The machines are work horses, reliable and any issues that do arise are fixed promptly to get us back up and running, even  at the weekend! I would highly recommend the Edoni family, their wonderful machinery and 5 star service!

Linda & Silvio Galli

Edoni Ice Cream Equipment