Arco Baleno

The Arco Baleno is our flagship model, bring your cafe to life by adding theatre into the process of making ice cream. Your customers will feel part of the process as they watch traditional ice cream being made before their eyes.

• Maximum ice cream storage of up to 70l.
• Make 8l of delicious ice cream in as little as 15 minutes.
• Available with glass showcase and in-built cone holders.
• Store up to 5 flavours at once.

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Edo-tronic (3-in-1 ice cream processing)

With the press of one button, the 110l & 220l Edo-tronic machines will allow you carry out the full pasteurising process. Unlike other machines sold separately, the Edo-tronic has an in-build heater, cooler and it’s own refrigerated storage system.

• Maximise probability
• Ease of cleaning & maintenance
• Easily create your own gelato, ice cream or milk ice.

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Balmore (production & storage)

Our Balmore range can be built to bespoke specifications to fit internally within your custom store front. These ice cream making machines are available with and without storage bins, and come in various sizes/capacities.

• Built to fit your shop fitting.
• Simple to use
• Make ice cream in as little as 15 minutes
• Can be used for retail & wholesale ice cream production.

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Fresco (Soft ice cream)

We’re passionate about quality ice cream, that’s why our soft serve ice cream machine runs at a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 100% air input. We feel adding more than 100% air to your ice cream mix can decrease the quality, taste and overall consumer experience.

• Quick to make soft serve ice cream
• Add flavours and topping easily
• Easily create your own unique flavours.

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