Goodalls – Bradford

The Goodall family have been farming at Manor Farm, Tong near Bradford for 100 years and set up a small ice cream making facility 30 years ago to use up surplus milk from their 220 strong dairy herd.

Since then their ice cream parlour has become a popular spot for locals and walkers and the quality of their ice cream has spread by word of mouth to the extent that they supply restaurants across the region.

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Award Winning Ice Cream

Many of Goodall’s visitors are families with young children who come to play in the farm-themed outdoor play area and enjoy their 20+ interesting flavours on offer. Since 1988 we have installed 2 Fresco 12 Litre machines which give them the capacity to produce award winning ice cream over a large variety of flavours.

What they say

We purchased our first machine – a Fresco 12 litre batch freezer in 1988 from Edoni. The machine has been very robust, reliable, easy to use, and is still running today!  We replaced the machine’s compressor around 5 years ago, this was supplied and fitted by Edoni who recommend we replace the part instead of replacing the full machine. The fact we weren’t pushed into buying a new machine enabled us to carry on producing ice cream using the same freezer, something we didn’t expect to be saying 25 years ago.
Over the years we have had various discussions with Edoni about replacing our machine, but 5 years ago, Riccardo told us not to worry, “the machine will still be running when we aren’t!”
In 2018, we decided to take the plunge and purchase an additional machine, and we had no hesitation whatsoever in going straight to Edoni as their service, friendliness, quality of equipment and outstanding workmanship really is second to none.

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