Fresco Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

We’re passionate about quality ice cream, that’s why our soft serve ice cream machine runs at a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 100% air input. We feel adding more than 100% air to your ice cream mix can decrease the quality, taste and overall consumer experience.  The Fresco Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine is ideal for producing flavoured ice cream which will be stored in an ice cream display unit.

Key Features

With the front hatch closed, the mixture is poured in via the loading hopper located on the top of machine.

Once your flavours are added via the hopper the ice cream will be ready to transfer into napoli trays within 6-8 minutes.

Flavours can be added via the hopper at the start of mixing or if it’s your preference add extra flavours and toppings can be added once the mixture is ready. Adding toppings and flavours at the final stage can save cleaning the machine between flavours.

Fitted as standard is our hot wash system which gives the machine a thorough internal clean including behind the scraper blades.


  • Minimum space required 104 cm x 109cm

  • Low sound level

  • 316g Food Approved Stainless Steel

  • Adjustable height Napoli tray holder


  • Made to Order

  • Delivered & Installed

  • After Sales Service

  • Tutorials & Expert Advice

Size Options

  • 7 Litre

  • 10 Litre

  • 12 Litre

  • 20 Litre

As mentioned above, the top loading hopper allows the mixture to be poured into the machine from the top whilst the front of the machine remains closed.

The ice cream gate is located on the front of the machine and gives the user full control over the flow of the ice cream. Located below the ice cream gate is a Napoli tray holder with adjustable height for different sized containers.

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