Edo-tronic (3-in-1 ice cream processing)

With the press of one button, the 110l & 220l Edo-tronic machines will allow you carry out the full pasteurising process. Unlike other machines sold separately, the Edo-tronic has an in-build heater, cooler and it’s own refrigerated storage system. Which allows you to keep an ice cream mix in the tank for up to 4 days.

Key Features

Enjoy less time cleaning and more time serving delicious ice cream. We have designed the Edo-Tronic to make hygiene and self maintenance quick and simple,  Due to the simple design of  removable milk tap there is only one short straight pipe to the main tank to clean. The tank itself can be cleaned using the inbuilt water inlet and flushing through the milk tap.

Why waste vital workspace with 3 separate machines when the Edo-Tronic takes care of heating, cooling and transferring the ice cream mixture with one button press.

There is no need to worry about making too much mixture as the Edo-Tronic will store the ice cream mixture at a chilled temperature for up to 4 days.

Because the Edo-Tronic carries out the full mixing process, this cuts out transferring from one machine to another. The mixture can be ready in around 2 hours. (220l can take up to 2.5 hours)


  • Minimum space required 130 cm x 120 cm

  • Manual over-ride

  • 316g Food approved stainless steel

  • Duel temperature probe


  • Made to Order

  • Delivered & Installed

  • After Sales Service

  • Tutorials & Expert Advice


  • 65 Litre

  • 110 Litre

  • 220 Litre

The high speed emulsifier ensures the ingredients are fully mixed in to a beautiful smooth liquid ice cream mixture.

Fabricated from heavy 316g stainless steel, the tank stores the mixture from start to finish.

Used to release the mixture in to pales for transfer to the Arco Baleno, Balmore or Fresco machines, the milk tap can be uncoupled easily for cleaning. It also has a manual locking handle to prevent accidental release.

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