Similar to the Arco Baleno, the Balmore series has the option to work an ice cream maker with multiple storage bins or solely as an ice cream maker. We can also increase the machine and storage capacity of each machine to your bespoke requirements. We design our machines to produce traditional ice cream with a maximum overrun (air in ice cream) of 5%, resulting in ice cream in its purest form.

Key Features

The Arco Baleno has a storage capacity of up to 70 litres.

The Arco Baleno can produce an impressive 8 litres of ice cream every 15 minutes. With storage bins located within the Arco Baleno the ice cream can be both made and stored at your shop or cafe counter allowing you more face to face time with your customers.

All Balmore ice cream machines as include a digital thermostat to maintain an accurate freezing and serving temperature.

Offer variety to your customers with 5 storage bins each with a capacity of 8 litres.


  • Minimum space required 2000 cm x 1500cm

  • Low sound level

  • Freezing Temperature: -24c

  • Flavour capacity: 5


  • Made to Order

  • Delivered & Installed

  • After Sales Service

  • Tutorials & Expert Advice


The Balmore series come as standard without storage bins, this machine is often used by cafes/shops who already have an separate ice cream storage freezer cabinet in place. Sizes available are a 2,4,6 and 8 gallon makers. Allowing you to make traditional ice cream in as little as 15 minutes

The Balmore Plus.One features an ice cream maker as well as one storage bin. This machine is available in various sizes tailored to suit your demands. These are:
• 2 gallon production – 4 gallon storage bin
• 4 gallon production – 6 gallon storage bin
• 6 gallon production – 8 gallon storage bin.

The Balmore Plus.Two features an ice cream maker as well as two storage bins. This machine is available in various sizes tailored to suit your demands. These are:
• 2 gallon production – with two 4 gallon storage bins
• 4 gallon production – with two 6 gallon storage bins
• 6 gallon production – with two 8 gallon storage bins.

Making ice cream in a shop front not only adds theatre, it shows customers the ice-cream is freshly made in-house daily. Having the production unit alongside the storage bins gives staff more time at the shop counter engaging with customers. Once made, 95% can be transferred to the storage bins using one of our hand-made ladles, allowing constant free flowing production of ice cream.

The storage bins will keep the ice cream at the correct temperature for your mixture. We understand that every recipe has its individuality so the dual digital thermostats will be setup onsite and by an Edoni engineer. The storage bins are hand-made from food approved 316g stainless steel metal and are designed to be lifted out and cleaned with ease.

Installed within the machine, this flow-on-demand utensil wash has a water inlet and waste outlet insuring fresh and clean water is available when required without the need for multiple trips to a sink.

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