In 1957 at the young age of 13, our Father Carlo Edoni started work in the family business. Since then, the multi-talented ever enthusiastic man we call Dad has evolved the business into what it has become today. This was achieved with Dad making selfless decisions for the benefit of his family and the business, something we will forever be in debt to him for. Learning the trade alongside our grandfather Giulio Edoni who made his first ice cream machine in 1937.  And an inspiring man that we are in awe of and you will be pleased to know he can’t put down those tools. Our father’s journey and experience are invaluable in this industry.

We have learnt from the best but we have to say we have went a stage further and made it our own and this comes down to individual talent, belief and passion for handcrafting machines from the ground up, it’s a team effort at Edoni and we aim to continue with that all important customer care. The objective is not getting three times the size. The objective is to always improve what we are doing, stay true to our upbringing and heritage resulting in machinery that makes a premium ice cream. No one talks about the machines, only the ice cream but Edoni loves being the unsung hero.

To see individuals, friends or families eating their favourite ice cream from their favourite ice cream shop gives us huge satisfaction that without our machinery it just wouldn’t be the same.